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Big Conversation & Neighbourhood Plan

Meetings, Events, Consultation

An open Working Party has formed to support The Big Conversation and Neighbourhood Plan. Meetings are held every third Monday of each month at 7.00pm in the Community Shop and are open to all. Come along to listen, contribute, get involved. 

Working Group


Agenda for Next Meeting
16 September 2019
Community Shop

Drop In Event  - 7 September 2019

Policy Ideas Exhibition & Conversation

What should go in the plan?

Over the autumn, The Big Conversation and Neighbourhood Plan Working Party will write the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan - and they want to make sure they represent what everyone thinks before they start.

At this event we will:

  • present the themes of The Big Conversation consultation since September 2018 under these headings: Housing, Getting About, Working and Shopping, Community, Recreation, Wellbeing  and The Natural Environment

  • feedback the headlines from the Housing Needs Survey

  • suggest potential principles - and sites - for development

  • make suggestions for how these all translate into objectives and policies for the Neighbourhood Plan 

  • make suggestions for other ideas people have suggested for the village (that lie outside the remit of the Plan itself)

And invite your comments and suggestions

Community Hall  4.00 - 6.00

Gathering Your Thoughts 6

Gathering Your Thoughts 5

Local Focus Groups

Six meetings around the village. One to go ...

Over the summer there have been five meetings - 4 Tea Parties and a Coffee Morning - in Holbrook Road, The Close, Alton Hall Lane, Creeping Hall, Lewis Lane and Cattsfield - so that local concerns and ideas can be part of the overall Big Conversation. Thanks to everyone who has been along

May, June and July

Gathering Your Thoughts 4

Village Businesses and Sole Traders Meeting

Mid-Summer Morning Breakfast Meeting

How can businesses in the village support each other better? What else is needs in the village to provide opportunities for work? is there anything you can offer ... you you need? Come along and talk to other businesses as part of The Big Conversation.

21 June 2019  Community Hall  8.00am

Gathering Your Thoughts 3

Village Organisations Meeting

An opportunity for all the local organisations to meet together, to repsond to what people are saying in The Big Conversation and to come up with suggestions for this own.

21 May 2019  Community Hall  7.30

Gathering Your Thoughts 2

Suggestions Box and Little Tree of Ideas

Find them in the Community Shop and Cafe

From Tuesday 15 October you can add your ideas and thoughts to the Suggestions Box or the Tree of Wishes - tell the Working Party what you would like to see happen in the village, what you feel about development here, or anything that would make this a better place to live.

Tell us how you think we can reach as many people in the village as possible, to be part of this Big Conversation.

Gathering Your Thoughts 1

The Big Tea Party 


For the results of this consultation see the News page

22 September 2018. 4.00 - 6.00pm

Community Hall

The Parish Council supports the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan - a legal document that Babergh must take into consideration when they make planning decisions. What do you want to see in the Neighbourhood Plan?

Come and hear more. Share ideas. Ask questions. Find out about existing plans for development. Join the Working Party. Eat cake!

An event for children as well as adults.